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The Reserve Digital Commodity for Polkadot

$PGOLD is a revolutionary digital commodity that synergises the Algorand & Polkadot Communities to create the most fairly distributed asset in crypto.

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Polkagold emerges as a digital parallel to traditional gold, encapsulating trust and reliability in the digital age. Limited to a genesis production of only 10,000,000 coins, Polkagold is designed to uphold the principles of scarcity and non-inflation, available now on Tinyman.

Exclusive Genesis Production: Limited to just 10 million coins produced at genesis, ensuring scarcity & no inflation.

Decentralised Availability: Accessible on the Tinyman platform, offering ease of acquisition and trading.​

Robust Ecosystem Role: Complements the Polkadot network's existing assets like DOT, USDT, and USDC, adding a layer of economic stability.​

Innovative Distribution Model: Adopts a unique approach with 0% allocation to the team or founders and 100% locked & dedicated to exchange liquidity.

Fair and Democratic Access: Ensures equal opportunity for all participants, from early adopters to public investors, to purchase PGOLD in a transparent manner.

Symbol of Digital Trust: Represents a new class of digital asset, embodying the principles of traditional gold in a modern, digital context.

A Techy background


  • Why is there no team & why is it just a community run project?
    A key element for a True commodity is that there can be no single point of failure, no organization, no team. Gold does not have a team; Bitcoin does not have a team. True commodities derive value from acquisition cost, scarcity, portability, fungibility, divisibility & trust over time.
  • What is the difference between locked & burned Liquidity Pools?
    The locked Liquidity pools unlock at 5, 10 & 20 years respectively. A burned Liquidity Pool is liquidity which is locked forever. This means this liquidity can never be removed or sold.
  • There seems to be two big wallets. Who are these Holders?
    These top 2 wallets are not individual holders of Polkagold – these are the 2 Cometa Staking Pools – by adding up the total amount of Polkagold in these two addresses you can calculate the total amount of Polkagold being staked at any given moment. The 2 Stakepool Addresses are;
  • Why is Polkagold on Algorand & not on Polkadot?
    The point is to diversify the Polkadot Treasury into assets on other chains & in doing so create a cross community commodity, valuable to Algorand & Polkadot. If Polkadot price goes down, the Polkadot Treasury value goes down, as the entire treasury is priced in DOT. By having a diversified Treasury, it becomes more resilient by not having all its eggs in one basket. ALGO is an asset on another chain, and so is PGOLD – completely unaffected by price movements in DOT. This is why Polkagold is on Algorand and not on Polkadot.
  • Where can I check all the different locked & burned liquidity pool vaults?
    This can be verified on the Vestige website by accessing the link below & clicking the padlock icon called “vaults”. Here you can scroll down & see all the locked & burned Liquidity Pools.
  • What makes Polkagold trustless?
    Trust is eliminated with the liquidity burns as over 50% of all liquidity is locked forever & can not be removed or go anywhere other than where it is already, on Algorand. This was further built upon by also creating a burned liquidity pool with the EURS pair as well, this is the world’s biggest regulated Euro Stablecoin. It means that for many decades to come, there’ll always be an Algo & a EURS on the other side of a PGOLD, ensuring trustless value.
  • What’s in it for the Whales that donated their funds to launch Polkagold?
    The whales hold large amounts of Algorand & Polkadot – by enriching the two respective ecosystems with a popular digital commodity, the plan is it will enhance ALGO & DOT coin value and the whales will have their benefit through ALGO & DOT appreciation of which they hold large amounts.
  • What percentage of Polkagold TVL in Liquidity is locked or burned?
    At time of writing, over 90% of all liquidity is either locked or burned. However, if more independent users add liquidity it can affect this percentage. With the launch of Tinyman Farms – individual users are starting to add Liquidity, to be able to participate in Tinyman Farm Rewards.
  • How does Polkagold create value?
    Bitcoin & Gold have value because there is an acquisition cost to every unit; whether it’s through buying it for $$ from a gold dealer or paying a worker at a mine or paying an electrical bill to mine bitcoin or buying bitcoin from an exchange; every unit of Bitcoin or Gold had an acquisition cost at some point in time. So too, every PGOLD in existence has an acquisition cost in $$, every PGOLD in existence has been purchased as the entire supply was released on DEX from day one – no free airdrops, no free tokens to anyone.
  • Is the ALGO/PGOLD pool eligible for Algorand Foundations Governance Rewards?
    Yes. It is one of the selected pools via Algorand Foundations initiative that allows LP Tokens to participate in Governance. You can commit ALGO/PGOLD LP Tokens towards the Algorand Governance program and earn the regular APY in the form of ALGO coins; this is a great way to earn additional APY with Polkagold. Algorand Governance is Algorand’s equivalent of Staking Rewards you may have heard of on other PoS Blockchains like Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche etc. Don’t forget to participate in the Governance vote to earn the rewards in Algorands Governance program!
  • Does Polkagold have any partnerships?
    At time of writing, Polkagold is partnered with Tinyman with incentivized Algo Farms, indirectly with the Algorand Foundation through the PGOLD LP Token Governance eligibility. Polkagold is also partnered with Stasis, the world’s biggest regulated Euro Stablecoin issuer, as well as Cometa, the premier staking pool platform within Algorand DeFi.
  • How do I participate in Tinyman Farm Rewards?
    Firstly, you have to connect your wallet to Tinyman. You can then add single sided ALGO liquidity, single sided PGOLD liquidity OR proportionate ALGO/PGOLD Liquidity. Once this is done, you will receive LP Tokens. You then access the Tinyman Farms Section of PGOLD, and then you can stake the LP Tokens to either receive ALGO Rewards or PGOLD Rewards. You can verify the % rewards in each of the farms at any given moment via Tinyman.
  • How do I buy Polkagold & how do I stake it on Cometa hub?
  • Who funded Polkagold?
    Polkagold was initially funded for all the burned and locked LP by donations from Algorand & Polkadot whales who see the benefit in a cross-community commodity and its ability to enrich both the Algorand & Polkadot ecosystems.
  • What’s in it for Algorand then?
    Liquidity is deliberately strapped to the ALGO pair to create demand for the ALGO coin and, hence, ALGO buy pressure. Polkagold also creates volume, txs and TVL improvements for Algo Defi. With high trading volume, Algo Dexes can generate more fees from trading becoming even more self-sustainable. At time of writing, Polkagold has brought in over 1,500+ non Native Algorand holders into the ecosystem generating fees, TVL, txs that didn’t exist before for key Algo ecosystem players improving Algo eco self-sustainability.

in the Polkadot Ecosystem

Redefining Value and Fairness

Polkagold enhances the Polkadot ecosystem, introducing a unique asset class alongside stablecoins like USDT and USDC, and the utility coin DOT. As a digital equivalent of traditional gold, Polkagold serves as a reserve asset, integrating seamlessly into the network’s economy. It not only complements but also enriches the existing financial landscape, adding a layer of stability and trustworthiness.

Utility and Role within Polkadot

Polkagold sets a new standard in crypto asset distribution, committing to absolute fairness. It diverges from the norm with zero allocations to the team, founders, or marketing efforts. Every coin, making up the entire 100% of Polkagold's supply, is allocated for exchange liquidity. This innovative approach to launch and distribution aligns with the egalitarian spirit seen in Bitcoin's inception, offering equal opportunity for all participants to acquire PGOLD.

Distribution and Fairness




Contact Us

Our vision is a harmonious synergy between the Algorand and Polkadot communities, converging to forge the hardest and most equitably distributed asset in the cryptocurrency realm. Polkagold stands as a testament to our innovative approach, bridging liquidity and community strengths from two major blue-chip projects.

Market Synergy and Vision

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